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In this day and age, we oftentimes hear the term “less is more.” And in all honesty, it is true. If executed well, stripping design to just the core can be beautiful! Or, if you still want a look that still has a hint of fun, subtle details will do the trick. Today, we’ve decided to show you exactly what this means with a roundup of minimalist wedding dresses that are absolutely gorgeous even with just minimal embellishments and details. Fall head over heels over the simplicity of style and the raw charm of each of these pieces. You’ll see that minimalist dresses are magical in their own way.

This Danit Levi gown from Le Soleil Bridal Closet is absolutely chic. It features an elegant off-shoulder detail with long sleeves and a sensual V-neck top. Furthermore, the look is enhanced by a beautiful mermaid skirt. This utterly romantic dress is a star piece to walk down the aisle in.

[Dress available at Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

Minimalists looks don’t need to be extremely unadorned. You can go minimal with subtle details that hit the spot and add just the right amount of character. Take this chic dress from Romanzo by Julie Vino as the perfect example. It comes with an elegant cape and minimal eye-catching beading. It’s also a classic favorite at Le Soleil Bridal Closet.

[Dress available at Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

Another minimal dress with delicate details, this Eddy K masterpiece from Le Soleil Bridal Closet is a natural charmer. It comes with a sleek silhouette and a detailed top. This combination makes this dress stunning and easily a choice for brides who want a unique balance of cleanliness and enhanced details.

[Dress available at Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

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