New Bridal Collections Out Now and Where to Find Them in Hong Kong


We always look forward to new bridal collections, don’t you? We can’t wait to see what designers from all over the world have made for all brides-to-be. In fact, we always await the new arrivals at Hong Kong Bridal Shops. So for all those that are just as eager and excited as us, we decided to consolidate all the NEW collections of the season that are available at local bridal shops now. Yup, you heard it, here’s the latest of bridal fashion and where you can get your hands on these beyond gorgeous gowns in Hong Kong!

Julie Vino‘s works have graced our blog several times, and these dresses, from the 2020 Royal Collection of the Romanzo by Julie Vino line, are just as stunning as always. The designer’s signature sultry lines are always something to look forward to, and the delicate accent details are also a woman’s best friend–covering just enough to reveals every bride’s best assets. You can don any of these dresses on your wedding day! Just schedule a trip to Le Soleil Bridal Closet to start fitting one of these gowns now.

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